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how facets of existence become a Whole
John Milton will be back to host a retreat at Louns again this summer. This program is primarily for people who have received training by John Milton or Jes Bertelsen before.
John will guide practices of how we may begin to sense through the different facets of being and reconnect with Nature in wholeness. The program will be divided into a 2-day initial teaching, a 4-day solo retreat in Nature followed by 2 days of further teachings and practices. All nights will be spent on one’s own site in Nature in a tent or under a tarp.

We will work with different experiential approaches or facets: mind-body based that are primarily energetically based in forms of advances series of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Sensory-based pathways of cultivating universal wisdom and the path of the heart and universal love. The purpose of the experiential energy work for all is to begin to connect more deeply with Outer Nature, Inner Nature and True Nature. 

The program will be taught in English, prior experience with meditative retreats is recommended.
Participants are required to bring a tent and practical clothes suited for camping outside for a week. Fasting or eating lightly throughout the retreat is recommended. Further practical information will follow in participant’s letter of acceptance.

7 dage kursus/retreat på Louns halvøen.

Ankomst 16-07 mellem kl. 14:00 og 16:00 (med opstilling af telt, servering af suppe m.m.)

Afslutning 23-07 kl. 15:00.

Begrænset deltagerantal.

Betaling ved optagelse.

Link to John P. Milton’s webpage
Pris: DKK 5.600 / Studiepris: DKK 3.500     
Forplejning: DKK 400
Dato: 16-07-2017 kl. 14:00 - 23-07-2017 kl. 15:00
Sted: Lounshalvøen, Naturen

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